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Christmas Together
by Sean Watson in ,

We expected snow to stick upon the barren trees as we observed from inside our cosy basement apartment. But then again nothing was traditional for either Lindsay or myself as we spent our first Christmas together.   With our families in California and Lindsay working both Christmas Eve and Day we were inclined towards childhood nostalgia, but Christmas somehow transformed to a magical day for us.

Justin, Lindsay's 9 month older uncle, drove down from Idaho to spend his birthday with us before flying to California with his family. "I just love that boy," Lindsay frequently says. Naturally altruistic as she fundamentally is, it became her duty to ensure Justin maintained high spirits and a sincere smile on his birthday. Lindsay hadn't yet experienced Sundance's Tree Room from the otherside as a guest, and the three of us drove up on a frosty night to experience her world. I'd met her coworkers at a Christmas party and felt natural and well received, and seeing them as fine dining servers was right. Our feet bent the wooden floor planks entering in, but I found a beautiful lit, masterfully decorated, and soothingly ambiental setting with exquisite dishes. The conversation was easy, and the experience was superb. Justin left early in the morning, and we were sad not to have him for the rest of the holidays. He returned after Christmas, and we got back to our adventures.

James, Lindsay's father, had a large package of food sent to us with sweets, fish, and fruit. We were grateful and excited, and Lindsay prepared a delicious dish before she went to work for the evening. I don't fail to remind her that one of the best decisions I've made was to marry a woman that cooks. She laughs, but it really is.

She'd explained her habit of waking up before the sun on Christmas morning, dragging her family out of bed, excited to get tearing. Thankfully she didn't awake me before the sun, but her excitement was topped by seven, and I had to get out. Foremost I wanted her feel content on this day, so I asked that my gifts be for her, but felt very grateful that my family had sent gift cards and extra goods for me too. We were not wanting for presents.

Secret Santas are a family tradition as each family member draws another's name and focuses on a gift for them. My mom had sent me some new Sperrys, and Lindsay had received some goods from Brittany in Denmark. She had visited Nepal over the past year and craftily knitted beanies with fun colors. Along with the caps, she sent a Danish silk-screened towel with national emblems. Bubbling with glee Lindsay pronounced, "yea," and thought it would be best framed on our wall.

Our holiday would best be characterized as unconventional but full of love and laughter. We watched various Christmas edition TV shows on Netflix, and mounted an odorless tree with decorations sent from Lani, one from our honeymoon at Hotel Del Coronado, and the traditionally pig from Denmark sent by Brittany. It was tough to not pass from shop to shop with friends and family, but we further bonded in the Spirit of Giving.
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Our Hearts Were Turned To Our Fathers
by Sean Watson in

Today, Sean and I went to our local cemetery in Provo, Utah. Being a lovely fall day we spent some time walking around and checking out tombstones. We were surprised to find many tombstones with little golden plaques, symbolizing that the people represented were Mormon pioneers. Sean and I both have pioneer heritage and found this to be very interesting!

Many of the tombstones also had markers placed on them by their families telling about the great works they did for the church. In the picture below, it tells that the man buried here was one of 33 men sent by Brigham Young who first settled the Salt Lake Valley, and later settled a fort in Utah County.
I was drawn to this stone for obvious reasons (my maiden name is Jones!) and it turned out to be the best part of the trip!

Captain Dan Jones was one of the first members of the restored gospel and was the greatest missionary in our dispensation of times. Sean was really excited when we found this! See his post about it here: http://seanrwatson.blogspot.com/2011/10/greatest-missionary-of-our-time-dan.html
I have both Nelson and Leavitt from my mothers side... could I be related to these people??

More pioneers! Sean and I love this tombstone front and back and want one like it very many years from now. 

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Love Letters
by Lindsay Lee Jones in

Sean and I have been writing sweet somethings back and forth fro the past month and I love it! Just wanted to showcase some of our best lines for you. Enjoy! (beware some of them may be corny, but they are truly heartfelt!)

Sean to Lindsay:
“You can count on me doing a good job, but I want to do an even better job with us! And that is my rant. Love you girl!”
“I hope you've had a ton of fun amidst crazy wedding prep. I wish that I could be there to help out!”
“Girl, I thought about you all day. It was nice.”
“p.s. you really don't need to be worried at all about her, she's almost identical to that woman in Leonard's lab.”
“Dear lover, I was looking through our pictures together on facebook, and I thought that it is fun that we've already established a history together. It's fun to look at the older pictures, and see the transformation into what we are now. I love you!”
 Your emails always make my day. I love how clever they are! I love you even more!”

“You are the greatest part of my life, and as I unwind to the permanence of that I’ll show you what that means to me.”

Lindsay to Sean:

“Ah, you are the holder of my heart and your praise has the power to lift me to the highest heights and your criticism can truly crush me. what a interesting thing it is for me to really trust you like I do, I hold your opinion in the highest regard.”
“Just moments ago I had a dream that you were home and I was so happy, but then I woke up.”
“I will seriously have to defend your honor if girls keep throwing themselves at you, by that I mean I will hop the pond and have to passionately kiss you in every public place in the UK.’’
“Our reunion will be like this.... I will be running at you like this.... 

you will be running to me like this....

 .....then i will turn around and run like this...  

It will be a beautiful reunion!”

“I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you. You know, I waited for someone like you my whole life, all 21 years of it, or at least since I can remember.  I wondered what you would be like, how you would look, what we would do together, and what it would feel like. It is so much better than I ever imagined.”

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Soundtrack to my Experience
by Lindsay Lee Jones in

Sean had the brilliant idea of posting a soundtrack to his Cambridge experience on his blog. I decided to do the same on our blog, because I am a copy cat.

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by Lindsay Lee Jones in

Here you see Lindsay..... then poof! 
She turned into Ginny Weasley! 
Her boyfriend "Harry Potter" is in England right now. So Authentic (except for the missing wand).
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Engagement Pics!
by Lindsay Lee Jones in

yay, Caitlin Watson did such a good job! 

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